Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Maybe again

I kind of failed at the whole blogging thing before. Maybe this time I can do it. Brad is going to help me get the old digital camera up and running so that I can have some pictures for this thing. So, this is just a post to get myself up and running again.
Back to American Idol!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Random drives and lovely finds

Has it been a week already? I can't believe that much time has passed since my last post. But I have done a lot since then. And I have one partly finished project to show off. One of Jen's tea towels is complete. The others are still WIPs.

Our weekend was full of drives to random little Mississippi towns. But my heavens, did we find some treasures. On Saturday Brad, Graham and I went to this weird little store in Ellisville called Shirley's Discount. The store takes up one whole block and features clothes, home decor, furniture, fake flowers, and other miscellany. My favorite section was the fabric and notions portion in the very back corner. They had a limited but quality selection of fabric priced from $1 to $7 per yard. I was in heaven. I bought some linen for just $1.99 per yard. I think I am going to make some pretty overalls for Graham and maybe a skirt for myself.

We spent about an hour in Shirley's just looking around. Of course Graham charmed all of the little ladies within about two minutes. And Brad was his usual incredible self, wrangling the almost-two-year-old while Mommy drooled over fabric and pawed through the button box. Ahhhhhh... Button box....

Sunday was another great day of driving. We ended up in Purvis at The Flower Bed Nursery. Hubby's blog goes into more detail. I will just tempt you with two pictures.

Horton and

The Whos.
Horton and The Whos.
Now if that isn't a band name, it should be.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Work in Progress

Here is one of the kitchen towels I am working on. It isn't finished, but I wanted something to post tonight. I am using the chain stitch to make the lines bold. Hope Jen likes them!

Elvis Costello makes me want to be a rock and roller. I was just pushing paper at my cubicle today, listening to my ipod, when Beyond Belief from his "Best of" started playing. Immediately I was transported to the middle of a stage in front of a bouncing crowd, my guitar strapped on tight, punching my fist to the beat. Ahhhh... Daydreams...

Maybe one day, hubby and baby boy and I will hit the road as a three-piece, like a pared-down Partridge Family. Heaven knows Brad has the chops. And Graham is already a whiz at his tiny drum set. Maybe they will let me strum quietly and wear a cute skirt.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesdays are for Knitting

It is Tuesday, which means knitting night with the girls. Emmy, Traci, Kidron, Kat and I meet every Tuesday night at Bianchi's for knitting, girl talk and libations -- not necessarily in that order. We met at a Hattiesburg Craft Mafia interest meeting about six months ago hosted by the lovely Lhay of Avalon Sewing Co. Though a local craft mafia never made it off the ground, it did bring together this fabulous group of Tuesday night knitters. I love these girls.

Tonight we had a new member join us. Emmy's friend James came in after the picture session. I hope he returns. He is absolutely adorable, and really fits in well with the group. We had a great time drinking beers and gabbing. It amazes me how much we all talk when we are together. It is incredible that any of us ever get any work done on our individual projects. But we have a great time.

I put aside the knitting needles tonight and started one of the projects from my to do list tonight. My friend Jen is moving into her new house this week, so I am working on some embroidered kitchen towels for a house-warming gift. I sketched a vase and flowers on some card stock, then traced that onto a hand towel to use as an embroidery pattern. Jen's kitchen is orange with cream and black tile. I found these great towels at Ross for $2. I am doing the embroidery in black. I will post pictures of the finished product soon.

Well, I have to get to work early in the morning. So that is it for tonight.

Monday, March 31, 2008

First post

So, this is my first post. I have been a blog lurker for quite some time now - cruising all kinds of crafty blogs like How About Orange, The Purl Bee, Lazy Jane and others. I spent countless hours just looking at all the pretty things these folks create. Well, I am done looking. I am ready to start doing.

I really started this blog as a kind of accountability tool for myself. A kind of "to do" list. A place where I can set goals for myself, track my progress, and show off finished projects. You see, I figure that if I have to write down what I have done on a daily or even weekly basis, I will be shamed into actually doing something with myself besides watching TV or going to bed early. So, Blog, keep me on track!

For now I will list some projects that are on my to do list:
1) embroidered onesie for Clara
2) embroidered dish towels for Jen's new house
3) finish my first sweater
4) finish birdie purse
5) make pillow covers for daybed
5) recover the short couch

And now for some projects that I recently finished:
1) learned how to knit
2) knitted scarf for Jennifer
3) knitted short scarf for me
4) finished grey and red scarf
5) finished Brad's scarf

Well that's it. Now I just need to figure out this whole blog layout thing and we will be in business!